What does he do? Steven designs

What is this site all about

I carved out this little place on the web so I can share my thoughts related to design and technology.

Who is this guy?

My name is Steven Waller and I am the Lead Designer and Front end Developer at HotPress Web, a Denver based web design and development company.

After taking an HTML class in high school and creating an amazing site complete with animated gifs that rotated while on fire, I was hooked on the web. Luckily I stopped using animated gifs when I got my degree in Graphic and Web Design (with a minor in Art History) at the University of Miami in Florida. Now I spend most of my day designing sites and hand coding them with standards-based HTML and CSS with some jQuery goodness spread on top.

I live and breath all things web and am constantly learning new skills (Ruby on Rails is next) to stay up to date with the latest trends, technologies and styles.

When I am not sitting in front of a computer mastering the dark arts of the interwebs I am practicing parkour, climbing mountains, riding my bike, snowboarding, surfing, camping, rock-climbing, wakeboarding and pretty much anything else you can do outdoors.



  • Name: Steven Waller
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Employer: Sisu Inc.
  • Position: Designer and Front-End Developer